Geometry means “measure of the earth” but it is in fact far more than just this.   Geometry is interdisciplinary, multidimensional, universal, absolute, eternal, elemental, and essential.  At the same time, geometry is a noble and exalted gift, not base, crude, or sinister.  It is the most pure of art forms, and pays homage to eternity and the cosmos.  It may suggest a greater reality yet is complete wherever it is found.  Geometry is the visual representation of numbers in their most elementary form, whether these numbers are rational or irrational.  Without geometry, disorder would overwhelm order, the cosmos as we know it would not exist, and art would have no form.  No one knows when and where geometry first came into existence in the universe.  We only know that geometry was discovered, not invented.

I use geometry in my art work because of its universal, clear, and spiritual nature, for its ability to address and unify the formal aspects of art: point, line, shape, ratio, light, and color, and for its avoidance of narrative, social, political, sexual, athletic, hierarchical, fashionable, and other debate-filled issues.

There are several sources for my work:

1. My own discoveries, explorations, and inventions using geometric systems

2. Geometric analyses of ancient and classical architecture and painting

3. Geometric systems found in the natural world and in the human body

4. Classical and contemporary studies in number and geometry

Paramount in my work is the art and science of grid making: perimeters, fields, intersections, and relationships of structures and patterns within defined areas.  These areas are set by sacred ratios that can be discussed in metaphysical terms, and their grids are linear representations of the various energy fields found in all geometric shapes and forms.  These fields are generated by the relationships of the geometric parts and by the mind’s involvement in perceiving and defining those parts.  All grids are selected from an infinitely large number of possibilities, edited, and developed.

The spiritual qualities of geometry and the physical aspects of drawing and painting geometric systems are key aspects of my efforts to take geometry farther than any artist in history.  I have come to know that it is as much the geometry working with me as me working with it.  I am humbled to be a part of this process.