This gallery contains examples of my fine art. Most of the work shown here was produced over the last ten to fifteen years, and shows my continuing interest in and development of geometry as an art form.

Some of the artwork is based on discoveries and inventions that I have made through the daily practice of drawing and experimentation. The work develops as much from an artistic and creative process as from any preplanned calculations, although the perimeter ratio is always predetermined in order to define the specific geometric system I will be working with. It is through an organic process of overlays, tracings, revisions, exploration, and experimentation with geometric systems – specifically, certain ratios and proportioning systems found in rectangles, squares, and triangles – that I have been able to produce the drawings and paintings presented here.

Over the last eight years, I have been developing various series of works rather than individual pieces, but all of my drawings and paintings continue to be based on the myriad of geometric systems found in nature, mathematics, and art history, as well as my own discoveries and inventions. Among them are the square root of the golden section, the musical ratios, the square root rectangles, compound rectangles (the term given by Jay Hambidge in his “Elements of Dynamic Symmetry”), and constructions that attempt to join incommensurable systems of geometry.

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